Week 5

On Wednesday we attended the Dean Kamen (Founder of FIRST Robotics ) honorary degree granting ceremony at the Technion.

Also Thursday we hosted participants of a course of at the Ruppin academic center for professional training to executive managers from South Sudan in our workshop. We explained about our team and FIRST. It was a very inspiring visit and our new friends even ask ed for messages to convey to the youth in their country!

Shakshuka's Logo

Week 1

Week 0 event logo in Israel.

We are happy to announce that we won the Logo competition 'FIRST Israel' conducted to determine the 'Week 0 Event's' logo.  For the first time in Israel - the "Shakshuka" competition!

Team's meeting on Sunday

Also, this Sunday a day after receiving this year's challenge we hosted an event with all our parents, mentors, teachers, and Acquaintances, in this event we started to think about the challenge and what our robot for the 2015 season would look like!

Safety Animation 2015!

The 2015 safety animation was made by the new members of the media team guided by the old ones. The creative process included a long discussion about how to promote the safety ideas through those 40 seconds. At first, we illustrated the script by hand - than we started to create scenes in Illustrator. Later on, we divided different objects into different, transparent images. At the end of the process, we grouped all the data and started to animate. The animation was done in After Effects. The sound was recorded leaning on the voice speech script we wrote, and was combined with the sound effects together after the animation was done.

If you or your team have any question about the creative or the production proccess dont hesittate and leave a comment below!