The Game

FIRST Power Up is played by two competing alliances on a  8 ft. 9¾ inch by 23 ft. 1½ inch flat field. Each Alliance consists of three robots, they compete for control of 3 "SCALES" placed across the field, and teams place 11 inch "POWER CUBES" to take control of the "Scales" and gain points. Additionally the 30 final seconds of the game are the "End Game", which robots have to "Hang" on a Metal Bar - the "RUNG".


At the end of the game the Alliance with the most points wins. Winning a match in a game gives each team in the Alliance two ranking points. Additionally if all 3 Robots cross the "Auto-Line" and a "Power Cube" is present on the closest "SCALE" each Alliance member gets an additional ranking point as well if all 3 robots are hanging at the end of the match the Alliance gets an additional Ranking Point.