In 2016 FIRST Israel added the FIRST Tech Challenge program to the line up of existing tech competitions in Israel. As a part of this initiative, we founded an FTC counterpart to our existing team. This team would be known as Team #4 THUNDERBOLTS. Although Team #4 did win the Think Award the teams emphasis was on the FRC program and as a result the FTC robot suffered. this lead to the re-branding of the FTC team as an individual team mentored by us, the FRC team.

This accumulated towards the founding of 2 FTC teams, “Rolling Thunder 11226” & “Black Thunder 11229” in August of 2017. The news team would be made up of 8th-9th grader from the 3 schools in Emek Hefer.

Both teams had successful rookie seasons. Rolling Thunder would win the Connect Award and a QF exit, While Black Thunder would win the Think Award which would advance them to the European Championship in Holland, NE.

In 2018, due to lack of manpower, Black Thunder was temporarily closed and the remaining members of both teams were grouped together as a part of Rolling Thunder. 11226 would have a very successful sophomore season reaching the Division Finals in the Israel National Championship & winning the Blank Award.

In early 2019 11226 would re-brand as “Black Thunder 11226”, with former Team Captain Toam Elharar taking up rains as Head Mentor.