Our Divisions

Our team consists of several Divisions allowing us to divide work accroding to its correspondent field. Each Division specializes in different fields allowing us to work more efficiently and effectively


Mechanics Division

In charge of building, developing & engineering the robot’s mechanical systems .


Electricity & Pneumatics Division

Responsible of wiring the robot, making sure the battery's are charged and the information go from the controller and to its destination. In addition the team is in charge of all Pneumatic systems of the robot.



CAD Division

Drafts a graphic view of the robot using professional CAD Software, working with the mechanics team. The C.A.D Division is the connection between Manufactering and Mechanics Division. 


Fabrication Division

Produces the Low-Tolerance parts of the robot. Specializes in accurate heavy-duty machines such as, Lathe, Milling Machine, CNC, ect.


Software Division

 In charge of programming the Robot’s autonomous faze, Tele-op Code & Scouting aplications.

Strategy Division

Responsible for the strategic analysis of the game. Also in-charge of scouting other teams performances in order to know their strengths and weakness’ and strategize accordingly.

Drive Team

Two drivers, a coach, a human player and a Head Strategist. Regulate real-time game strategy and the operation of the robot during games.

Marketing & Communication - MEDIA Division

Manage the team’s social media. Create videos, graphichics & animtions for other divisions and the team as a whole. Also manage public relations with other FRC teams, sponsors, events, etc.

Scouting Division

Gather strategic information about competing teams, before & during events - such as driving & scoring ability.
This information is crucial for the Strategy Division.